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  • Dr. Salam Abu Shaaban, PhD

    Dr. Salam Abu Shaaban, PhD
    Homeopathy Doctor

    loss of Hair (non hereditary causes)

    irritable colon

    hormonal disturbances

    Diabetes - Hypertension - Al Alzheimer disease - cancer -infertility -impotence -arthritis - loss of sexual desire

    Anticipation of all above By Detoxification Protocols cleansing rebuild by Ozone therapy

    internal organ cleansing

  • Dr. Eman El- Bishbishi, Phd

    Dr. Eman El- Bishbishi, Phd
    Homeopathy- NLP(Canada)

    Reiki Energy therapy & Brana

    Treatment for back & spine pain.

    Consultation in programming language.

    Treatment with precious stones & color.