We empower individuals to actively influence their mind, body & spirit to reach optimum wellness while using natural health enhancing means & remedies in a customized holistic approach.
  • Dr. Salam Abu Shaaban, PhD

    Dr. Salam Abu Shaaban, PhD
    Homeopathy Doctor

    loss of Hair (non hereditary causes)

    irritable colon

    hormonal disturbances

    Diabetes - Hypertension - Al Alzheimer disease - cancer -infertility -impotence -arthritis - loss of sexual desire

    Anticipation of all above By Detoxification Protocols cleansing rebuild by Ozone therapy

    internal organ cleansing

  • Dr. Reshmi Suresh, B.A.M.S

    Dr. Reshmi Suresh, B.A.M.S
    Ayurvedic Department

    Arthritic and rheumatoid complains

    Paralytic Muscular Weakness, Sciatica and Back Pains

    Sinusitis, Stress, Sleeplessness

    Specific Programs to reduce weight

    Beauty Therapies, Relaxation Massages and special treatments after delivery.

  • Dr. Eman El- Bishbishi, Phd

    Dr. Eman El- Bishbishi, Phd
    Homeopathy- NLP(Canada)

    Reiki Energy therapy & Brana

    Treatment for back & spine pain.

    Consultation in programming language.

    Treatment with precious stones & color.

  • Dr. Hussain Faraj

    Dr. Hussain Faraj
    Neurotherapy Specialist

    Neuro Training Reiki...